Friday, March 25, 2011

Point Loma High School Counselor Receives 2011 Counselor of the Year Honors

Laurie Hurl and Point Loma High School Counselor Laurie Hurl was named 2011 Counselor of the Year by the Jonasson Endowment Award Committee. Hurl received a surprise recognition ceremony on March 3 at the school’s monthly staff meeting.

Hurl has been Point Loma High’s head counselor for 20 out of her 33 years with San Diego Unified.
“It was a great honor and the highlight of my career in the district,” said Hurl. “It was wonderful to be recognized in front of my family, friends and fellow staff.”

The Jonasson Endowment Committee at San Diego State University honors a high school counselor every year. The winner is recognized for exceeding their every-day duties and helping students with their academic success.

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