Sunday, June 5, 2011

Globalization and Education Examined by Lincoln Social Justice 10th Graders

Lincoln students at USD.
Students from Lincoln Center for Social Justice at the University of San Diego.

The effects of globalization on education were studied by 20 students from Lincoln High's Center for Social Justice at a recent University of San Diego conference.

The 10th graders attended the SOLES Action Research Conference to find out the latest research on whether communities and the subjects taught to students are responding to the global world market. Participatory action research was examined with the help of scholars, graduate students and other high school students.

The visit, thanks to a partnership with the AJA Project, allowed the students to talk with some of the top experts in this area. They were also invited to make a presentation at next year's conference.

For more information, contact Ana Shapiro, principal, Lincoln High School of Social Justice, at (619) 266-5555.

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