Saturday, June 4, 2011

Investing Principles, Theories Studied by SD MET Students

Met students at finance conference.
Seminar leaders Zinc Zeenkov, left, and Dale Davis, far right, join Met students Hannah Brown, Sharmaine Gozo, Stephen Hern and Noah Thoron.

The world of stock-market investments was opened to San Diego Met High School students recently as four students attended a seminar on fundamental investing principals.

The fifth-annual conference by InvestEd, a company that helps train individual investors, provided scholarships so four Met students could attend. Sophomores Hannah Brown, Sharmaine Gozo and Stephen Hern, along with freshman Noah Thoron, spent three days hearing about alternative investment theories and use of technology for stock analysis. The students also networked with successful investors and major company sponsors.

Starting her own portfolio was Hannah Brown, who won two shares of General Electric at the seminar.

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