Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Salsa In Garden Leads to Dance Floor at Encanto

Encanto Elementary School has undertaken a three-year project that will help the school and the community. Called Connecting Cultures Using Common Causes, the program has ambitious goals. Go to slideshow»

A new organic salsa garden will be linked to a new music and dance program, which the school is planning once the ingredients for the salsa have grown and been prepared. A recipe book is planned, as are other activities that cross cultures and incorporate art into gardening, science, nutrition, language arts and math.

Next school year, plans are to register the school's pond and garden as wildlife corridors, with the goal of attracting migrating and native species of plants and animals. The school will also encourage the community to develop its own wildlife habitats in yards and open spaces. Finally, they will ask National Geographic and Google to show these linked open spaces on maps.

Here's a slide show of the school meeting the first goal, creating the garden.
For more information, contact Debra Baker, principal, at (619) 264-3191 or dbaker@sandi.net

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