Saturday, June 11, 2011

Taft Sweet Tart Scientists Score Savings Bonds in eCYPERMISSION

Taft winners
Award-winning scientists and their teacher from Taft Middle School.
A study of the best way to keep food fresh has scored $500 saving bonds for four sixth-grade scientists at Taft Middle School.

The researchers, members of Kristina Anderson's class at the Mission Village school, were California's second-place winners in the eCYPERMISSION program, a web-based science, technology, engineering and math competition for grades 6-9.

Sixth graders Samantha Munz, Callie Sehlhorst, Erin Maule and Maura Smith -- The Sweet Tarts -- studied the best storage method to keep food freshest the longest. Their findings resulted in discovering that bags with zipper closing worked best; less effective were plastic containers, sandwich fold-over bags and exposed food on a plate.

"Taft Middle School is proud of the efforts that these four students made in the competition," said Mike George, principal. "Wed look forward to all of them continuing their love for scientific research in high school and college."

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