Friday, June 3, 2011

Pennies for Peace at Lindbergh Schweitzer
Last January, fourth graders in Mrs. Morgan's class at Lindbergh Schweitzer Service Learning Magnet decided to set a goal of $1,000 in their Pennies for Peace Campaign to help build schools in Afghanistan. In impoverished countries a penny buys a pencil and opens the door to literacy, giving hope to children half a world away.

Set for January through April, the fundraiser was designed to broaden students' cultural horizons while teaching them about their capacities as philanthropists. Participants made a positive impact on a global scale, one penny at a time. Staff and students also purchased and wore their Pennies for Peace t-shirts to school on the first and 15th of each month to promote the cause. Members of the community were also inspired by a feature newspaper article in the Clairemont Community News, walking in their donations to the school office.

The final total campaign netted a goal-breaking  $1,111.11. Congratulations to the Lindbergh Schweitzer school community on this outstanding service learning achievement.