Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Congratulations to Our New National Board Certified Teachers

Seven San Diego Unified teachers have earned or renewed the prestigious honor of National Board Certified Teachers: Monique Anderson, Morse High School; Crystal Howe, Clairemont High; Nichole Raiewski, Millennial Tech Middle School; Shanna Jennings, Silver Gate Elementary; Ashley Hensen, Keiller Leadership Academy; Julia Groff, Ocean Beach/Whitman Elementary (renewal); and Maria Guillermoprieto, San Diego High School of International Studies (renewal). The total number of National Board Certified Teachers in San Diego Unified is now 186.

Certification by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards is the "gold standard" for teaching excellence. National Board Certified Teachers must demonstrate advanced teaching knowledge, skills and practices. Completion of the certification process signifies that teachers have developed and demonstrated the skills required of an accomplished education professional. By completing the certification renewal process, these accomplished teachers show that they continue to meet the nation's highest teaching standards.

For more information on the national program, please visit www.nbpts.org/2011NBCTs. For information about programs available to San Diego Unified teachers, contact Julia Groff at jgroff@sandi.net.