Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bullying Isn't Welcome at Kearny Science, Connections and Technology (SCT)

SCT students rally.
Kearny SCT students rally against bullying.
Students at Kearny’s School of Science, Connections and Technology(SCT) made it clear that there is no place for bullying on their campus.
During a recent lunch period, students planned and organized a peaceful campaign to bring awareness to their peers about the harmful effect of bullying. In bright-colored tee shirts, a hundred students carried signs with bullying statistics, raising attention for this important issue. SCT is one of four small schools on the Kearny campus.

The group’s goal was to educate their peers, letting them know that discrimination has a face not just a number.After walking through campus, students joined hands in a large circle and observed a moment of silence for teens nationwide that committed suicide as a direct result of bullying.

SCT's anti bullying campaign could not come at a better time. Last September, California passed Seth’s Law, which tightens anti-bullying policies in California schools by ensuring that all schools have clear and consistent policies and by establishing timelines for investigating claims of bullying. Many students felt encouraged by the passing of Seth’s Law and hope that future students will not have to endure bullying of any kind.

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