Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Proclamation Goes to Crawford IDEA Auto Teacher

Crawford students
Council member Marti Emerald, back row left, honored teacher Carl Kingsbury, back row right. They are shown with some of the auto shop students at Crawford IDEA.
San Diego City Council Member Marti Emerald has presented Carl Kingsbury, the automotive technology teacher at Crawford IDEA High School, with a proclamation commending him for his "exemplary teaching and mentorship."

The proclamation was presented during a surprise visit by Emerald to Kingsbury's classroom.

"Carl Kingsbury is an excellent example of a passionate educator who encourages our youth in City Heights and the surrounding area by encouraging each student to reach their highest potential in addition to providing each student with opportunities for scholarship and higher education in the engineering field," she said. "It is pleasure to present him with a District 7 proclamation in appreciation of his leadership in the community and his dedication to our youth.

"When I visited his classroom, I was truly inspired by motivation and enthusiasm of the students, who will be our city and nation's future innovators."
Kingsbury said he was "humbled" by the honor.

"All I do here at Crawford IDEA's automotive department is try to make a meaningful change in the lives of a few young people who honor me everyday with their smiling (sometimes not) faces," said Kingsbury. "I want you to all know I consider it a great personal honor to be allowed to teach, and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities all of you in one form or another have granted to my students and I."

Board of Education Member Sheila Jackson, who represents the Crawford neighborhood, said Kingsbury is a "great guy who has done many wonderful things with the auto shop over the years."
"Carl continues to inspire young minds and make education fun, interesting and meaningful," said Diego Garcia, Principal at Crawford IDEA and the MVAS schools.
For more information on the program, contact Garcia at 619-583-2504, ext. 2560.