Friday, January 6, 2012

District Speech Pathologists Present to Conference

Speech pathologists from San Diego Unified recently present papers at the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association conference in San Diego.

Anne Callies, Assistive Technology Speech-Language Pathologist, co-presented “Effective Use of Visual Supports in the 21st Century Classroom.” Tim Tipton, Senior Speech-Language Pathologist, and Angela Gaviria, Resource Teacher, collaborated to present “English Learner Representation in Special Education: A Comprehensive Evaluation Process.” Sharlee Mosburg-Michael, Senior Speech-Language Pathologist, shared “Supporting Vocabulary and Language Development Through Collaboration With Classroom Teachers.”

Also, Jennifer Taps Richard, Senior Speech-Language Pathologist, co-presented “Powerful Assessment and Analysis for Children With Phonological Disorders.” Cheryl Stromberg, Speech-Language Pathologist, discussed “Childhood Apraxia of Speech Resource Center: An Innovative Support in the Schools.” All sessions were well attended and the content praised by both academic and clinical practitioners from across the country.

More than 10,000 speech-language pathologists (Speech-Language Pathologists) and audiologists attended this national event Nov. 17-19. These professionals shared cutting edge practices and further enhanced the district’s reputation as a leader in speech-language pathology.

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