Friday, January 13, 2012

Mira Mesa High Students, Staff Dash Through the Snow

Mira Mesa High School
Mira Mesa High students enjoy their winter wonderland.
Students were caroling while teachers and administrators were making snow angels at Mira Mesa High School just before winter break. The campus quad was transformed into a snow-filled Winter Wonderland thanks to one of the school’s community sponsors, Dr. Bronner’s All-One Ark Magic Soaps.

Both students and staff alike joined in on the fun while utilizing the opportunity for some added learning.

“The snow day at Mira Mesa was wonderful and fun, but it also reinforced a Visual and Performing Arts homework project I assigned,” said teacher Sandra Bartels. “I taught kids how to fill shadows using natural light for portraits with bounce cards. Several kids ran up to me excited, as they had seen how snow can do the same. Applied learning!”

Dr. Bronner’s All-One Ark Magic Soaps created the Interactive Foam Experience. All-One Ark Magic Soaps, a branch of the Bronner Chemical Company, developed the industry standard fire-fighting foam concentrate used by fire departments around the country. Dr. Bronner modified a version for making artificial snow for Hollywood.

“Mira Mesa High students will remember this day when they were delighted in such a great gift to kick off the winter break,” said Principal Scott Giusti.

Check out more photos of the Mira Mesa High Winter Wonderland check the Photo Album on the school website here: To learn more about how you can bring a Winter Wonderland to your campus, contact Rafi Loiederman at