Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cadets Compete for JROTC Crown

Scripps Ranch High team
 Scripps Ranch High team.
San Diego High students
San Diego High students congratulated by Dr. John Lee Evans, Board of Education President.
Morse students receive awards.
Morse students receive awards.
It was a day that would have made John Philip Sousa proud.

The annual JROTC Best Drill Competition brings teams from all 13 San Diego Unified high schools to one location to find out which team has the sharpest uniforms and performs the best drill movements, both stationary and precision.

The traditional drill movements help students develop discipline that helps them in their adult lives. Even if they don't end up serving in the military following college, many JROTC graduates credit the program for helping them focus on what's important in their lives. They also credit the program with helping them to develop a sense of self-discipline.

Categories for this event consist of Platoon and Squad Drill, Best Drill Individuals in grades 9-12; and the first-year cadets and Varsity Color Guard Teams. Each school showcased students in impeccable uniforms throughout the three-phase competition which included uniform inspection, stationary and precision drill movements.

Team sizes varied from 27 participants down to individual performance as cadets competed for top honors among their peers. The selection was extremely difficult as each cadet and team represented the best from each school, but in the end the following cadets stood out as the best among the best.

Presenting awards was the Board of Education President Dr. John Lee Evans.


  • Overall Best Drill Unit Award – Mission Bay High School
  • First Year Individual
    • 1st Place - C/SMN Austin Curvo – Serra
    • 2nd Place - C/AMN Josh Rowe – Scripps Ranch
    • 3rd Place – C/PFC Michael Albritton – Mission Bay
  • 2nd Year Individual
    • 1st Place - C/CPL Sonny Markland – Mission Bay
    • 2nd Place - C/SGT J. Douangsouphonh – Lincoln
    • 3rd Place – C/SSG Andrew Dong – Madison
  • 3rd Year Individual
    • 1st Place – C/CPT Alvin Timbang – Morse
    • 2nd Place – C/SSGT Jesse Hernandez – Mission Bay
    • 3rd Place – C/2LT William Jacky – San Diego
    • 3rd Place – C/2LT Ariceli Lopez – Crawford
  • 4th Year Individual
    • 1st Place – C/CSM Xavier Gervacio, Lincoln; and C/SFC Kashawn Hughley, Kearny
    • 2nd Place – C/Maj Justine Folloso, Morse; and C/CPT Tamara Pasana, Mira Mesa
  • 1st Year Color Guard
    • 1st Place – Mira Mesa
    • 2nd Place – Morse
    • 3rd Place – San Diego
  • Varsity Color Guard
    • 1st Place – Scripps Ranch
    • 2nd Place – Mission Bay
    • 3rd Place – Mira Mesa
  • Best Squad Drill
    • 1st Place – Morse
    • 2nd Place – San Diego
    • 3rd Place – Mira Mesa
  • Best Platoon Drill
    • 1st Place – Scripps Ranch
    • 2nd Place – Morse
    • 3rd Place – Mission Bay
For more information, contact LTC David Guzman, program manager JROTC Military Sciences, at (858) 496-8203 or dguzman1@sandi.net.