Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Roosevelt IB Middle School Breaks Ground for New Grass Park, Tennis Court Renovation

Roosevelt During winter break the Greater San Diego City Tennis Council held a groundbreaking ceremony for a renovated four-court community tennis complex at Roosevelt IB Middle School. In addition to the tennis court upgrades, the project includes improvement of the existing sand surface field to a multi-purpose grass park. Both developments will provide an enhanced experience for the student body as well as the community. 
The existing four asphalt-surfaced tennis courts that are on the west side of the school will be resurfaced to a state-of-the-art conventional two-toned hard court surface and the potentially dangerous metal nets will be replaced with conventional tennis nets. The courts will also be lined for USTA “10 and under tennis” to enhance the enjoyment and development of younger children.  The tennis courts are being renovated and resurfaced. This project was jointly financed by a combination of foundations, private donors, and a grant from the San Diego District Tennis Association. 
Dr. Arturo Cabello, principal of Roosevelt stated, “It’s an honor to be a part of this collaborative effort to support academics and athleticisms.  We encourage our students to find a sport they like and become good at it so they might compete for academic and athletic scholarships to college one day.”
The president of the Greater San Diego City Tennis Council, Ben Press, commented, “As an alumnus of Roosevelt Middle School, I remember playing on two white cement tennis courts.  Now four tennis courts will be renovated for the enjoyment of students and community members for many years to come.”
Former NBA superstar, television sportscaster, and a neighborhood member, Bill Walton showed his support by attending the ground breaking event.  “I am proud, privileged, honored, humbled and most fortunate to be directly involved in this wonderful project," said Walton. "We owe our children the best, and this is a huge step in the right direction."
The Greater San Diego City Tennis Council is a 501-C3 charitable organization whose mission is to repair and resurface public tennis courts within San Diego County.
For more information, contact Principal Cabello at (619) 293-4450 or acabello@sandi.net