Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breakfast in the Classroom Now Serves 23,500 Students

PlacematWith 23,500 students in 43 schools now part of the Breakfast in the Classroom Program, a July survey found that San Diego Unified teachers and principals believe the program reduces trips to the nurse and helps keep children focused on class work. They also said that breakfast in the classroom teaches children to be responsible, dependable and to work as a team. To help support classroom cleanliness, the Food Services Department provides additional supplies such as dry disposable towels for spills and moist towelettes for cleaning desk tops and placemats. Placemats Adobe PDF (pictured above) are provided through sponsorships from the San Diego Chargers and the Dairy Council of California. For more information please contact Gary Petill, director, food services, at (858) 627-7301 or .