Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Work Permits Needed for School Year

As the 2010-2011 school year begins, working minors and their employers are reminded of the state law that requires any employee less than 18 years of age who has not graduated from high school or passed the California High School Proficiency Examination to have a Permit to Employ and Work.

Minors are responsible for obtaining this work permit application and  employers are required to terminate the employment for any minor for whom they do not have an active work permit.

Minors who have graduated from high school or passed the California  proficiency exam may give a copy of their high school diploma or proficiency exam certificate to their employer in lieu of a work permit. Minors who have not fulfilled one of these requirements must be enrolled in school in order to have a work permit application processed. A passing score on the  California High School Exit Exam (CAHEE) does not exempt minors from work  permit requirements.

All current work permits expire on September 13, following the start of the  new school year on September 7. The expiration date is indicated on all  permits.

Students may obtain application forms, or get information about work permits  and child labor laws, at any high school, or contact the district’s work  permit office at (858) 627-7355, or see the website at