Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crawford MVAS Students Produce Video for Farm to School Program

Farm to School video
Interns from Crawford Media and Visual Arts School (MVAS) and Farm to School Specialist Vanessa Zajfen recently went on location to shoot footage for the district’s new Farm to School video. Filmed on location at Suzie’s Farm (right) in Imperial Beach and in the Crawford cafeteria, the video tracks the journey of certified organic broccoli as it went from farm to school as the district's March Harvest of the Month. More than 7,000 pounds of broccoli were harvested, prepared and served to students in cafeterias across the district in March.

The interns interviewed farmers, farm crews and kitchen staff as well as field tested the produce as it was harvested. International Rescue Committee (IRC) members oversee the Crawford student-run school garden and provided transportation to the farm.

Farm to SchoolWhen finished, the video will be available on the district’s website. For more information,contact Vanessa Zajfen at to School