Friday, May 6, 2011

Ford Salute to Education Scholarship Recipients

Students from 10 San Diego Unified schools have been awarded $1,000 scholarships from the San Diego County Ford Dealers Salute to Education Program which encourages students to continue their education after high school.

The program focuses on recruiting students who have earned recognition for their achievements, and contributions to their school and community. Although academic accomplishments are considered, it is not the only determining factor in who receive the scholarship. The following students were among the 100 scholarship recipients:

Crawford CHAMPs: Edith Chavez

High Tech High School: Sherilyn Bumatay, Jeffrey Payne

Hoover High School: Alay Cristales, Isabel Herrera, Kieu Nguyen, Karen Sanchez, Anjelica Thang, Minh Vo

La Jolla High School: Torrey Czech, Max MacMillan

Madison High School: Alicia Baniak, Zhen Wang

Mission Bay High School: Mary Nguyen,

Preuss School UCSD: Jasmine Brasswell, Mai Chu, Alyson De la Rosa, Jocelynn Nobouphasavanh, Alexander Tesfamichael, Alma Villa

Scripps Ranch High School: Catherine Grant, Kevin Huvnh, Megan Patten, Jordan Wong

Serra High School: Benjamin Lopez

For more information, visit the Salute to Education website.