Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Follow Standley Middle School Students Online

Eighth graders from Standley Middle School in University City will be on their East Coast trip Saturday, May 28th - Saturday, June 4th and will be blogging on the school's website, allowing everybody to share in their exciting adventure!

More than 120 students will be joined by ten teachers and staff members, who will write about their experiences on a special blog on the school's website.
According to the trip coordinator, teacher, Jennifer Roberts, the students have been raising money and keeping their grades up for the trip.

"They have been waiting for this trip since the beginning of the school year, and many have been looking forward to it even before that," she said. "For many, it was a challenge to maintain a 3.0 citizenship GPA with no N's or U's and a 2.5 academic GPA with no F's, but they did it!"

Activities will include a visit to Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and Washington DC.

For more information, contact Roberts (after June 4) at Standley, jroberts3@sandi.net.