Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Solar Boat from SD High SciTech Goes The Distance

SciTech at the San Diego High Educational Complex placed second in the two back-to-back 90-minute endurance races during the Metropolitan Water District's Solar Cup competition last weekend.

The SciTech team found the perfect balance between solar energy and energy conservation and scored the maximum number of points on the written technical reports that are required for all teams to compete.

The three-day competition with 40 teams from around the Southwest began with a series of qualifying events to ensure the boats met rules and were safe and seaworthy.

On day two, teams attached solar-collections panels to the boats for the endurance races. On the final day, the panels were removed and, using solar energy stored in batteries, raced down a 200-meter stretch – like drag racing on water.

“Over the last three days, all of the Solar Cup participants have had hands-on experiences in problem-solving, teamwork and sportsmanship that will serve them well as they continue to complete their educations and start their careers. In the end, in our eyes, they’re all winners,” said Randy Record, district vice chairman.

Solar Cup is the culminating event from seven months of hard work by student teams to design, equip and build their 16-foot, single-seat canoes out of marine-grade plywood powered only by the sun.

For more information, please contact Katie Carl, CTE teacher, at kcarl@sandi.net or the Solar Cup website at http://www.mwdh2o.com/mwdh2o/pages/education/solar_cup/solar_cup_01.html .