Monday, May 16, 2011

Crawford Student Shares Inspirations with 'Prime Motivation'

Andrew Watkins-Blackshear
An essay on the hopes and aspirations of a Crawford IDEA student is featured on a motivational program's website following the program's recent visits to Crawford and Morse high schools.

Student Andrew Watkins-Blackshear writes in his essay that he hopes to become an mechanical engineer working on an auto racing team, the experience he received as an intern with Mercedes Benz of San Diego, the teamwork involved in auto technology, and what he learned from Carl Kingsbury, his auto-technology teacher at Crawford.

Andrew's essay was part of the visits to Crawford and Morse auto technology programs by Prime Motivations, which gives students an overview of the many, varied career opportunities that await them.

Using live demonstrations, hands-on workshops and educational seminars by companies and organizations from various industries, this event informs undecided and disadvantaged audiences of their potential futures through direct experiences.

For more information, contact Greg Quirin, CCTE Program Specialist, at (858) 503-1736 or