Monday, May 30, 2011

New Home for Holocaust Children's Memorial Butterflies at Lindbergh Schweitzer

6th graders Rosalinda Puentes, Ambria Siska, Amanda Gorman, Sarah Palmeter and Kristy Evans install their ceramic memorial butterflies
Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary, a Service Learning Magnet School, now welcomes visitors with a ceramic butterfly memorial in remembrance of the 1.6 million innocent children who lost their lives in the Holocaust. Following a successful conference last February with the San Diego Jewish Academy program of Zikaron V'Tikvah or "Remembrance and Hope," the butterflies will be a permanent reminder to future students of how society experienced the Nazi takeover in the 1930s. As the school’s partners in education, Marine recruits from MCRD San Diego, also took part in the creation of the memorial. All are welcome to see the butterflies on both the west and east campuses. For more information, contact Julie Harris at (858) 496-8400 x2231 or