Monday, April 21, 2014

Horatio Alger scholarship goes to MET senior

San Diego MET High School senior Brandon Brizuela has been named a 2014 National Scholar by the Horatio Alger Association.
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and MET student Brandon Brizuela
Brandon was recognized for his community service work, high GPA and overcoming economic challenges. The scholarship will come in handy as Brandon has already been accepted to San Diego State University for fall 2014.

MET Principal Sara Leonard at the MET said Brandon is one of her outstanding students at the unique school on the campus of San Diego Mesa College.

"Brandon has completed several unpaid internships at the San Diego Met High School to accumulate over 600 community service hours," she said.

His current internship is at La Maestra Community Health Centers in City Heights, where he has produced a presentation on schizophrenia. Brandon said that a family relative suffers from this mental illness, and researching it helped confirm his desire go into the mental health field as a career.

"Growing up in City Heights, I was aware of the statistics for young people in my neighborhood," said Brandon. "Giving back to the community I come from has been really humbling."

"He is is the first in our family to earn a scholarship to go to college," said Marvin Brizuela, Brandon's father. "Watching him go to Washington to talk to all these smart and important people makes me so proud."

Since 1984, Horatio Alger Association Members and Friends have been funding need-based college scholarships to support deserving young people to overcome their adversity and pursue their dreams through higher education. So far the association has awarded $100 million to approximately 20,000 students.