Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lifesaving efforts bring honors to School Police Officer Daniel Acevedo

Officer Daniel Acevedo has been named San Diego Unified School District's 2014 Police Officer of the Year, earning the department's highest honor.
Officer Acevedo
At the presentation, Jesus Montana (left), president of the San Diego Schools Police Officers Association, Superintendent Cindy Marten, Officer Daniel Acevido, Chief Rueben Littlejohn.

Acevedo was singled out for his efforts to help a San Diego High student in 2013.

"This lifesaving incident is only one example of a good man that has spent a career serving young people," said Chief Rueben Littlejohn. "The department was honored to select Officer Daniel Acevedo as the San Diego Unified School District Police Department's Police Officer of the Year."

While monitoring the 3,000 students dismissing from San Diego High School, in November, Officer Acevedo encountered a female student suffering from an apparent seizure. He immediately called for an ambluance and began giving first aid, but the student then grabbed her throat with both hands, indicating the universal sign for chocking. Acevedo performed the Heimlich maneuver and reopened her throat. A small piece of food had become dislodged and the young girl ended up scared but unharmed.

The victim later said how terrifying it was when she could not breathe, but that she felt instant relief the moment Acevedo’s actions dislodged the small piece of the food from her throat.

Officer Acevedo, along with nominees from other local law enforcement agencies, was honored recently at the San Diego Police Officer's Association's "Officer of the Year" program.

The San Diego Unified Police Department is a fully accredited police agency employing full-time sworn police officers, community service officers, and a full complement of support staff. While our primary role is to maintain order and security on and near school facilities, school police officers provide far more than standard law enforcement efforts. It also takes a leading edge, proactive role in creating the positive learning environment in which superb education is not only possible, but also probable.

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