Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'National Showcase District' award comes for Action Based Learning

Action Based Learning programs at 38 schools have earned San Diego Unified a National Showcase Award from the technique's founder Jean Blaydes Madigan.
Action Based Learning
A program that uses brain-based, brain-compatible strategies to teach academics kinesthetically by using purposeful movement, Action Based Learning Labs have been implemented in 38 schools, spanning preschool through high school.

The labs are a developmentally based series of motor and fitness activities that fill in developmental gaps to prepare the brain for learning, according to Carrie Rea, Program Manager, Related and Specialized Services, Special Education Division.

"Action Based Learning in the district is a collaborative effort between physical education, adapted physical education, occupational and physical therapy, classroom teachers and administrators," she said, "to support all students in multiple learning modalities."

For more information, contact Rea at crea@sandi.net.