Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Braille Challenge Winners

The Braille Challenge is an academic competition unlike any other. The national reading and writing contest in Braille is a great way to motivate blind and visually impaired students to practice their literacy skills. Bay Park Elementary students Ricardo Herrera, Danielle Vergara, Sean Caballero and Hannah Dakan participated in the National Braille Challenge at the Orange County Braille Institute on Saturday, Feb. 6. Students were tested on their Braille skills in areas of spelling, reading comprehension and proofreading. All four students participated in the Freshman Division (3-4th grades). Sean received the silver medal and Ricardo received the gold medal, along with a $25 iTunes gift certificate and a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy. For more information, please contact Brad Hoyt at (858) 573-5941 or bhoyt@sandi.net.