Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Policy on Students Obtaining Confidential Medical Services

At its regular meeting March 30, the Board of Education approved changes to district policies regarding parental notification and early release of students to obtain confidential medical services.

The revised policies are: Board Policies F-2600 and H-3500PDF, and Administrative Procedures AP-4255PDF and AP-6156PDF.

The changes clarify to district policy and procedure related to the privacy rights of students, and to facilitate the early release of students, as specified by law, to obtain confidential medical services they are legally entitled to obtain.

Staff will work with schools and other staff to ensure that appropriate practices are put in place to protect the privacy rights and health of students.

In 2007, members of the community and district staff raised the issue of the need to update our policies and procedures concerning our obligation to allow students opportunities to access confidential medical services as defined in California Law and to respect student privacy. Thereafter, district staff sought legal advice regarding the changes necessary, and conferred regarding the practicalities of proposed changes.