Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rains Kept Physical Plant Operations Teams Busy

This winter’s wet weather has kept site-based and district-wide Physical Plant Operations (PPO) staff busy over the last few months. First, the rain brought minimal damage to facilities such as storm drains and roofs. For example, the PPO staff worked with the city of San Diego to clean out a clogged drainage channel on the west end of the Mission Bay High School campus. At Pacific Beach Middle, two large eucalyptus trees are being removed before they become a hazard, and work will begin on repair of the eroding bank near the softball field at Clairemont High School. PPO teams within all the zones (Scripps Mesa, Park View, Central City, Coastal Bay) and Central trades strive for excellence in the workplace and are dedicated to customer service. For more information, please contact Ted Doughy Jr., manager, maintenance services, (858) 637-6289 or